EU: From 2025, rooftop PV system must be installed in commercial and public buildings in EU Member States

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Update time : 2022-06-01 09:08:49

According to foreign media reports, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen recently announced that EU Member States would install roof photovoltaic systems in commercial and public buildings by 2025 and residential buildings by 2029. The EU has raised its renewable energy target from 40% to 45% by 2030.

Von der Leyen said at the press conference of RE Power's EU plan that the European Commission was to get rid of Russian Ore fuels as soon as possible and improve to another level.

The European Commission proposes to require the installation of roof photovoltaic systems for commercial and public buildings in EU Member States from 2025 and new residential buildings from 2029. "I know it's an ambitious goal, but it's realistic and we can do it," She pointed out that renewable energy is one of the most important tasks of the EU.

She also said that the renewable energy target of 2030 was being raised from 40% to 45%. Accelerating access to renewable energy permits will play a key role in achieving higher goals. She also hoped that EU Member States would set up a "renewable energy access area" to obtain permits quickly. "By then, the licensing process for renewable energy will be shortened to one year, which will be a great improvement over the current average of six to nine years," she said.

According to the information provided by the industry media, the applications of renewable energy system in preferred area will be entitled to a decision within 14 days. Sites that need to be re-powered will be licensed within six to nine months, which also applies to the photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of less than 150KW. Other proposals announced include raising the EU's 2030 energy efficiency target from 9% to 13%.

Dries ACKE, policy director of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, said: "today, the European Commission recognizes the great potential of roof photovoltaic and the need for photovoltaic labor to promote roof photovoltaic systems and utility photovoltaic systems in Europe. It is expected that there will be 1.1 million photovoltaic jobs in Europe by 2030, and the EU photovoltaic skills partnership will help provide qualified labor locally."