Ningxia Guyuan: the total planned capacity of centralized PV is not less than 455MW and distributed PV is not less than 251MW

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Update time : 2022-05-14 17:35:43

On April 22, People’s Government of Guyuan city issued the notice of new energy development in the 14th five year plan period. The notice pointed out that Guyuan city will develop photovoltaic enterprises, give full play to the advantages of resources, seize new opportunities for the development of photovoltaic industry, vigorously develop centralized photovoltaic, and develop distributed photovoltaic according to different conditions, so as to realize the development of photovoltaic industry from nothing and the continuous growth of industrial scale. By 2025, the installed capacity will not be less than 113.4 kW.

Implement centralized photovoltaic projects. Combined with grid access, resource endowment, and land use conditions, fully tap the resources of centralized photovoltaic power stations. Integrate land resources such as terraced fields and land, promote large-scale centralized photovoltaic development, focus on building a number of 100,000-kilowatt-level photovoltaic bases, carry out pilot projects for the development of rooftop distributed photovoltaic in the whole county (district), and innovatively implement photovoltaic + agriculture, photovoltaic + tourism and other centralized "photovoltaic +" project. The total planned capacity of the centralized photovoltaic power station is not less than 24 kilowatts, and the annual power generation capacity is 322 million kilowatt. A total of 6 projects are planned.

Implement distributed photovoltaic projects. Integrate rooftop resources such as party and government organs, schools, hospitals and other public buildings, industrial and commercial plants, and rural residents, as well as grid access and consumption conditions, and carry out rooftop distributed photovoltaic construction in accordance with the principle of voluntariness. Accelerate the construction of distributed photovoltaic large-scale development pilot in Yuanzhou District, and actively strive to create a national-level county (district) rooftop distributed photovoltaic development demonstration county.

Implement rooftop distributed photovoltaic projects. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Guyuan City’s rooftop distributed photovoltaic will take Yuanzhou District as a national pilot. By summarizing experience and gradually promoting in all counties of the city, it will realize the intensive development of rooftop resources. While guiding the consumption of green energy, it will help public institutions save energy and reduce energy consumption, help industrial and commercial enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and help urban and rural residents increase their incomes and become rich. The total installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic is not less than 251,000 kilowatts, and the average annual power generation and utilization hours are 1,134 hours.