The new energy industry represented by photovoltaics ushered in new development in Kunming

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Update time : 2022-04-23 17:07:41

This year, all counties and districts in Kunming have attached importance to the layout of emerging industries, and the new energy industry represented by photovoltaic power generation has burst out with unprecedented vitality. At the critical moment when the economy enters the transformation of traditional and new kinetic energy, this is undoubtedly a bright color of the city's economic development.

In 2021, the National Energy Administration announced the pilot list of rooftop distributed photovoltaic development: Kunming Shilin Yi Nationality Autonomous County (155,000 kilowatts), Yiliang County (115,000 kilowatts), and Fumin County (56,200 kilowatts) were listed as national-level pilot counties. At present, three projects are progressing smoothly, and multi-point grid-connected power generation has been completed.

"Compared with centralized photovoltaics, distributed photovoltaics have lower unit cost and higher yields, and the economic advantages are more prominent in the context of increased price in the industrial chain." The relevant person in charge of the Kunming Development and Reform Commission introduced that the promotion of the whole county has accelerated the pace of distributed photovoltaic construction, and has created an opportunity for private photovoltaic operators to explore rich business models. At the same time, a new model of packaged sales of existing projects and a cooperative development model with Chinese central State-owned enterprises has been added. The construction of distributed photovoltaic power plants has ushered in a golden period of development. At present, the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaics in Kunming is only 100,000 kilowatts, and the potential for development is huge.

In recent years, China's photovoltaic industry has been developed in combination with various industries, showing a variety of "photovoltaic +" development models such as photovoltaic + construction, photovoltaic + agriculture, photovoltaic + fishery, photovoltaic + sand-control, as well as the diversified development of photovoltaic and social development. It has become an important path to achieve the peak of carbon neutrality.

Yunnan proposes to build a photovoltaic capital and become a photovoltaic industry cluster and strategic base with international influence. It needs to further expand the connotation and extension of green energy. Kunming actively explores and practices, and develops and constructs "PV+" projects in accordance with the "one region, one policy" model and the development characteristics of various regions. At present, Kunming focuses on the construction of photovoltaic + characteristic industries, photovoltaic + green food, photovoltaic + rural tourism and other "photovoltaic +" projects that can effectively increase the added value of output value.

In the next step, Kunming City will also focus on promoting the construction of distributed photovoltaics in industry parks where industrial energy consumption is concentrated and high in combination with the requirements such as industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, energy substitution and others; at the same time, actively encourage the construction of distributed "photovoltaic +"for energy storage in cities where the energy consumption curve is consistent with the output curve of photovoltaic power generation.